Why to add seawater to my diet?

We are basically water. Water is vital to carry out most of the vital functions in our organism.

Between 50% and 70% of the human body is water and our internal environment has the same composition as isotonic seawater. Mineral salts are essential to maintain the water in the organic system and promote its balance in body tissues and cells.

What is the isotonic version of Seawater?

Pure seawater is hypertonic = concentration of 36g/L of mineral salts.

Pure seawater reduced with osmotic water provides an isotonic version = concentration of 9g/L (1/4 hypertonic seawater + ¾ osmotic water = isotonic seawater).

How does SEAWATER help to my body?

Seawater, in its isotonic version, is equal to the internal human environment, and contains all the minerals necessary for the proper functioning of cells. Therefore, it helps to reconstitute all the elements that the cells need to function properly, and that are wasted as a result of our daily activity.

How much SEAWATER can I take daily?

This varies according to the rest of your daily diet and the amounts of salts and minerals contained in the rest of the foods and beverages you consume. Consult the reference daily intakes (European regulation nº1169/2011) for the different nutrients and balance your daily diet.

Why drink SIOVANN?

All SIOVANN drinks have a seawater base in their formula, which helps the body to maintain the balance and proper functioning of cells.

How much SEAWATER do SIOVANN drinks contain?

BALANCE WATER and SPARKLING BALANCE WATER contain 4% per unit and BODY BALANCE and MIND BALANCE 7.5% of microfiltered hypertonic seawater. The seawater has been obtained in open sea, filtered and packed with all nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

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